FRRPD Instructors


Lori U-Jam

Lori “Ladybird” Mattos- U-Jam
Lori is a passionate, energized and certified U-Jam instructor. She has been teaching U-Jam here at Feather River since August (had previously taught elsewhere).  She is a Fitness/Nutrition Professional and is AFAA Group Fitness Certified. Lori’s high energy, calorie burning class is fit for U-Jammers of all levels.

Martha Zumba

Martha Mireles- Zumba
She has been with FRRPD for 4 years now. She is a dedicated and passionate Zumba instructor who brings high energy, passion and fun to each and every Zumba class. Be on the lookout for Martha and her dedicated Zumba dancers as they will often participate in local community events to share their passion of Zumba with all.

Miss Peggy Dance

Ms. Peggy-Dance Classes
Miss Peggy started teaching in High school for Johnny Etchart. She had a studio in Des Moines WA for 27 yrs. She studied at The Cornish Institute & PNW Ballet in Seattle. Miss Peggy dance classes teach a variety of dance routines with the focus on proper technique, classic elements of dance and music and most important how to have fun while learning new dance moves!

Sensei Ronnie

Sensei Ronnie Smith- Karake
Ronnie is a 5th degree Black Belt, has 30+ years of experience practicing and teaching karate, and has spent the last 17 years in Butte County. He has been with the District since 2012. His class sizes have continuously increased, which speaks to the high quality classes he offers.
Miss Gabby- Dance Classes
Miss Gabby started dancing when she was eight years old. Once she had discovered her passion she became a dance assistant instructor a couple years later at the young age of just eleven. After 11 years of dancing she aspired to become a dance instructor. Now at almost twelve years of dancing, she offers Jazz and Pre-Dance classes, as well occasional ballet technique and strengthening classes at FRRPD.