Bands Performing

Concerts in the Park will be held every Thursday starting June 13th till August 15th and will be held at Riverbend Park from 6:30-8pm.

The following are bands that will be performing either at Riverbend Park or at the rural concert in the park which the location varies depending on the date.

Concerts in the Park @ Riverbend Park


June 13th

At The Trough

June 20th

The Crawlers

June 27th

The Gypsy Bones

July 11th

Bald Rock Boys

July 18th

Hillcrest Avenue

July 25th

8 Track Attack

August 1st

Feather River Gypsies

August 8th

Mark 3

August 15th

Rural Concerts


June 28th @ MLK Park

Strung Nugget Gang

July 19th @ Berry Creek Park

The Crawlers

September 14th @ Feather Falls Grange