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Attention Parents! Are you interested in increasing your child’s attention span, respect for others, self-esteem and enhanced coordination? If you answered yes and are looking for an activity that will improve your child’s natural abilities in a safe, comfortable and positive atmosphere, join Sensei Ronnie Smith today and sign up for Karate!  Karate for Men, Women and children Ages 6+. Professional Instruction and affordable rates, for more information please visit www.OrovilleKarate.com or call (530) 321-4622.
Instructor: Sensei Ronnie Smith, 5th degree Black Belt, 30+ years of experience practicing and teaching karate, last 17 years in Butte County.
Location: Activity Center, Karate Room
Class Fee: Auto Pay: $55 per session. Non-Auto Pay $70 per session.
Family Discount: First family member pays full price, additional family members receive $10 discount.

Level               Day                          Time                  Age
L’il Pandas       M/TH                      5:15-6:00 PM      6-8
Karate Tigers  M/TH                      4:30-5:15 PM      9-13
Teens/Adults   M/TH                      7:00-8:00 PM      14+
Dragons          M/TH                      6:00-6:45 PM      10+ *
*(instructor permission required)

Session Dates 2017:
Session 1: 1/5- 2/2 (no class 1/16) Session 2: 2/6-3/6 (no class 2/20) Session 3: 3/9-4/3
Session 4: 4/6-5/1 Session 5: 5/4-6/1 (no class 5/29) Session 6: 6/5-6/29 Session 7: 7/10-8/3 (no class 7/3 or 7/6) Session 8: 8/7-8/31 Session 9: 9/7-10/2 (no class 9/4) Session 10: 10/5-10/30 Session 11: 11/2-11/30 (no class 11/23)

Karate 3

Adult Karate
Karate training is where you’ll find the confidence, renewed stamina and drive, and mind-sharpening skills to turn over a new leaf. The adult life is filled with innumerable duties, responsibilities, and tasks that wear on you. Sound familiar? Karate training will help you discover something that you may have thought was lost . . .the spirit to face any challenge, self-control and concentration, and a feeling of healthy fitness that carries you though the longest of days. Join Sensei Ronnie in our adult Karate training program.

Level               Day     Time                                   Age
Adults              M/TH 7:00-8:00 PM                      14+

Looking for more information visit:
Feather River Karate website  or Feather River Karate Facebook Page
Or call Sensei Ronnie at 530-321-4622.


Register today at the Activity Center!
1875 Feather River Blvd.
Oroville, CA 95965