VitaLife Fitness Program

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VitaLife Fitness Program

VitaLife Fitness Program places emphasis on the active adult who seeks a comprehensive fitness approach to their everyday, independent lifestyle. Utilizing a variety of effective, low-impact techniques and practices, our class provides a fun and  safe, full mind/body workout; whether seated or standing. Tune into your body’s cues with a practice for challenging and empowering strength, balance and coordination. Regular practice includes utilization of weights, body resistance, stretch bands and flexibility training.  Also, have some fun with our self-paced, aerobic movement and dance! Feel vital and fit for life! Try your first class free today.

Instructor: Myra Reichel

Location: Activity Center Dance Room
Fee: Monthly rate as listed below 

    Days                  Time                         Location                                     Age
Mon/Wed             8:30-9:30 AM       Activity Center, Dance Room              50+

2018 Month-to-Month Breakdown:
January 1/8-1/3 (no class 1/15)  7 classes: $25
 2/5-2/28 (no class 2/19)
7 classes: $25
March 3/5-3/28 8 classes: $30
April 4/2-4/30 9 classes: $30
May 5/2-5/30 (no class 5/28) 8 classes: $30
June: 6/4-6/27 8 classes: $30

Register today at the Activity Center!
1875 Feather River Blvd.
Oroville, CA 95965