We are Forgiven, we are a local Christian Rock Band.  We are made up of a team of six, three couples who believe in Jesus Christ.  Bill Starck is our band leader, lead guitar and vocals.  Lonna Starck is married to Bill Starck and our keyboard player. Bill Robinson is our electric guitarist, backup vocal, and sometimes keyboard.  Laura Robinson (Boom) is married to Bill Robinson and she is our bass player.  John Dioszeghy (Johnny) is our drummer.  Marilyn Dioszeghy is married to John Dioszeghy and she plays percussion. We all believe in Jesus Christ and that’s who we play for.

We play once a month at the Marysville Rescue Mission and every fifth Sunday at the Torres shelter.  We play music any chance we get. We also all live local and work local in our beautiful community. We do have a few songs on YouTube, under Forgiven Unplugged.