Gymnastics Summer Camp

Beach CampJune
Can’t get to the beach? Come to FRRPD’s
Beach Party! Prepare to surf, limbo,
volleyball, and splash your way through
a fun week! Also, learn some awesome
gymnastics skills you can show off at the
Carnival Camp July
Come join us at the amazing FRRPD Circus,
where you are the performers! Learn
incredible circus skills like juggling, hand
balancing, flying on our trampolines,
balancing on tightropes! All while
perfecting even more gymnastics skills.

Ninja CampJuly 29-
Aug. 2
We’ll run obstacle courses, swing, jump &
FLIP around! Ninja is a combination of
tumbling and obstacle course running.
Fun for all levels!

Cheer Skills
This camp is for those interested in learning
and sharpening the different skills involved
in cheerleading. This camp will focus on
jumps, dance skills, tumbling and stunts.
All levels WELCOME! While beginners will
work rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and
round-offs, more advanced athletes will
work front/back handsprings, aerials, and
saltos (flips). This camp is a great opportunity
for both gymnasts and cheerleaders to focus
on their tumbling skills!

Click the link below for an informational flyer and for a registration form.