Hilcrest Avenue

Hillcrest Avenue is an acoustic soft rock band made up of brothers Will and Garrett Hartman, Reece Thompson and Emma Garrahy. Hillcrest Avenue covers popular classic and modern rock hits as well as perform a few of their original tunes.

These four Northern California teenagers have grown up together in the beautiful small town of Oroville.  They share a love for their community, songwriting and making music.

Lead vocalist Emma’s dynamic vocal style and sassy stage presence adds both grace and charisma to live performances, while drummer Garrett’s rock solid drum work keeps the beat with conviction.  Will’s lead guitar solos and riffs harmonize melodically with the earthy sound of Reece’s bass.  Hillcrest Avenue is perfect for a range of events, ages, and tastes adding a youthful, modern vibe to classics and modern day hits.  Hillcrest Avenue offers upbeat, well-loved covers from the Beatles, Greenday, Eagles, and Plain White T’s to name a few.