Miss Peggy’s:Tap/Ballet/Jazz

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Mrs. Peggy’s Tap/Ballet/Lyrical Classes &
Mrs. Gabby’s Tap/Ballet & Jazz Classes

Looking to get your child started in a dance? Come and join our in house dance expert Mrs. Peggy and her dedicated and long time student Mrs. Gabby! Classes are offered to all ages in various levels. Classes teach a variety of dance routines with the focus on proper technique, classic dance elements, music and most important how to have fun while making new friends and learning new dance moves! There will be a recital after the fourth session. For your convenience Miss Peggy offers a variety of dance wear (shoes and clothing) available for purchase, on-site.
Instructor Contact Information:
Ms. Peggy (530) 828-2041
Mrs. Gabby (530) 531-5682

Spring Session Schedule:
Monday Classes:
Session 1: 3/5-3/26, Session 2: 4/2-4/23, Session 3: 4/30-5/21, Session 4: 6/4-6/18
Tuesday Classes:
Session 1: 3/6-3/27, Session 2: 4/3-4/24, Session 3: 5/1-5/22, Session 4: 5/29-6/19
Thursday Classes:
Session 1: 3/8-3/29, Session 2: 4/5-4/26, Session 3: 5/3-5/24 Session 4: 5/31-6/21

Shoe & Dance-wear sale:
Friday, March 2nd 3:00-7:00pm at the Activity Center, Dance Room. All shoes 10% off this day only.

Session Details/Discounts: Each session is composed of four classes, there are four sessions in total. Pay for all four sessions by the first day of class to receive the all session’s discount. Payment is due in full by the first day of each new session. A $10 late fee will be added if payment is not made during the first week of every new session.

Costume Fee: Costume Fees are not included in registration fee and will need to be paid directly to instructor.

Tiny Tots
Dancers will learn how to dance to music while using a variety of fun props. Parents are required to stay in the studio with their little dancers to help them dance and began to feel comfortable in this group dance setting.
Required Attire: Pink ballet shoes, leotard and tights.
Days          Time                      Age         Fee               Location           Instructor
T               10:15-11:00 AM       2-3          $34/$128     Dance Room       Mrs. Peggy
Days          Time                      Age         Fee               Location           Instructor
Th             4:30-5:15 PM          2-3           $34/128       Studio 1              Mrs. Gabby

Pre Dance
Dancers will learn a variety of tap, pre-ballet and basic tumbling. No parent participation is required however, parents are encouraged to wait in the waiting area. Required Attire: Pink ballet shoes, black buckle tap shoes, leotard and tights.
Days          Time                      Age         Fee               Location           Instructor
T                 9:15-10:15 AM      4-5          $34/$128       Dance Room     Mrs. Peggy
T                11:15 -12:15 PM    4-5          $34/$128       Dance Room     Mrs. Peggy
M                3:00-4:00 PM        4-5          $34/$128       Dance Room    Mrs. Peggy
Th               3:30-4:30 PM        4-5          $34/$128       Dance Room    Mrs. Gabby

Classes incorporate the classic steps of tap dancing and ballet techniques while adding a fresh approach to choreography. Dancers learn to coordinate rhythm, agility, and musicality to execute clear tap sounds and movement.
Required attire: Leotard, tights, buckle tap shoes and pink ballet shoes. Dance skirt is optional. Fourth grade and above can have jazz tap shoes, if they can tie their own shoes.

Tap/Ballet 1
Days          Time                      Grade         Fee               Location           Instructor
T               3:45-4:45 PM          K-1          $34/$128       Studio 1             Mrs. Peggy
T               4:45-5:45 PM          2-3           $34/$128      Studio 1              Mrs. Peggy

Tap/Ballet/Lyrical (instructor permission required)
Days          Time                    Grade       Fee               Location           Instructor
T              5:45-7:15 PM          3-6            $44/$168      Studio 1             Mrs. Peggy

Intermediate/Advance Tap (instructor permission required)
Days          Time                      Grade        Fee               Location           Instructor
M              4:00-4:30 PM          5-9              $17/$64     Dance Room      Mrs. Peggy
M              6:30-7:00 PM          4-6              $17/$64     Dance Room      Mrs. Peggy

Advance Tap (instructor permission required)
Days          Time                      Age          Fee               Location           Instructor
T              8:15-8:45 PM            9+           $17/$64           Studio 1            Mrs. Peggy

Pointe Class (instructor permission required)
For the advanced ballet dancers.
Days          Time                      Age         Fee               Location           Instructor
T               7:15-8:00             12 & up      $34/$128       Studio 1             Mrs. Peggy

Contemporary (instructor permission required)
Days          Time                      Age           Fee               Location           Instructor
M              7:30-8:30 PM            9+           $34/$128     Dance Room      Mrs. Peggy


Jazz with Miss Gabby
Offered to all ages in various levels. Creative routines are taught and dancers learn how to interpret their music with control and fluidity while using exciting music and fresh moves.
Required attire: Leotard & tights or jazz pants and a t-shirt, black jazz shoes.

Jazz 1
Days          Time                      Grade        Fee               Location           Instructor
Th              5:15-5:45 PM          2-7            $17/$64        Studio 1              Mrs. Gabby

Jazz  2 (instructor permission required)
Days          Time                      Grade        Fee               Location           Instructor
M               7:00-7:30 PM          4-6             $17/$64        Studio 1             Mrs. Gabby

Jazz 3 (instructor permission required)
Days          Time                      Grade        Fee               Location           Instructor
M            4:30-5:00  PM             5-12          $17/ $64      Dance Room       Mrs. Gabby

Be sure to checkout Gabby’s Year Around Classes which include: Tap/Jazz, Pre-Dance, Group Dance, Tiny Tots, Choreography/Mastering Routines, Lyrical/Pointe