U-Jam Fitness for Kids

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*New* U-Jam Fitness® for Kids
U-Jam Fitness® for Kids is an athletic urban dance fitness workout for 7-12 year olds that uses popular WORLD BEATS fused with HIP-HOP to keep everyone MOVING & GROOVIN’ for 30 to 40 minutes! U-JAM for Kids is more than just a fitness class, it’s an exhilarating non-competitive FUN space where your child can MEET NEW friends, BUILD confidence through dance, LEARN to SUPPORT one another and get a GREAT WORKOUT.  For class reminders, photos and updates, follow Lori on her Facebook page at Lori Mattos-Hungerford.
Instructor:  Lori “Ladybird” Mattos
Location:  FRRPD Activity Center, Karate Room
Fee: $5 DROP-IN
Day     Time                           Age
W        6:45 – 7:25PM               7-12

For class reminders and updates, follow Lori on her Facebook Page!