Yesterday we had the opportunity to speak with FEMA representatives for the first time. This was an opportunity to have a discussion regarding obtaining Federal Emergency Funding for the restoration of Riverbend Park. This is the beginning of the federal funding process for items not covered by insurance and a potential reimbursement of the $250K deductible required by insurance. At the same time, we are still working diligently with insurance representatives and design consultants to assess the complete damage and restoration to determine an overall scope of work and cost. This process is lengthy but necessary to be thorough in our consensus of overall repairs.

We are working on scheduling a Phase 1 cleanup and debris removal at the site. This will be a major undertaking and will take the assistance of multiple agencies. Driving by the park it may look safe for public use, however we are abiding by our insurance company’s recommendation and keeping the park closed at this time. Many elements such as electrical issues, failing walking paths, concrete bench pads, falling trees and limbs and out of order utilities are some of the major reasons we are forced to keep the park closed.

There have been a few concerns brought forward regarding a couple of mature tress that are showing signs of distress at the site. We are aware of these concerns and are working on solutions to get the trees watered. The current irrigation system is non-operable so this will take alternative measures.

One last note, with the assistance of OPD and SWAP we are continuing to perform bi weekly transient camp cleanups of the area. We have not noticed a significant increase in camp numbers with the closing of the park.

Please know, that behind the scenes we are working diligently to get the community’s park back open.

Our goal is to keep you informed with all of the information we have available. If you have questions please email them to victoria@frrpd.com or give our office a call at (530)533-2011. As we get further into the final stages of assessments we will plan to host a public workshop in hopes that community members will bring forward their ideas and visions for the restoration of the park.


Apryl Ramage, General Manager

As an alternative to walking trails, picnicking, birthday parties, reunions, rentals etc. we would like to remind you the District owns and maintains multiple other facilities. Some of these include Nelson Complex, MLK Park, and Palermo Park all ideal settings for the aforementioned activities.

If you wish to add your name to the District volunteer list please contact the District office at (530)533-2011 and ask for the Executive Assistant or you can email at victoria@frrpd.com


The new Activity Guide for Spring & Summer 2017 is here! Click below for the electronic version. Printed copies will be available at the FRRPD Activity Center at the end of the month.

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