Here is another update regarding the status of closing Riverbend Park.
This week District staff had an opportunity to meet the team of Design Consultants beginning assessments of the damage at Riverbend Park. This process will take time and will involve multiple visits to the site. The good news is that the process has started and we are well on our way to beginning a vision of the restoring of Riverbend Park.
Current challenges we are facing with this endeavor is the ever changing river levels due to the Lake Oroville Spillway outflows. Once again the park has been covered in water up to the soccer fields engulfing the trails, beach area, boat launch, parking lot, soccer field #1 and the entire South area of the park including the dog park. Until DWR announces a final decrease in outlfows due to spring run off we are unable to set hard timelines of when repairs can begin.
We have had alot of public interest regarding how volunteers can help. The best way to provide assistance at this time is by putting on your thinking caps and sending your ideas to us regarding redesign elements of the park. Do you have an idea that may overall affect the future flooding of the park or are there elements of the park that could be upgraded or added that were missing before? Then send us your ideas! We want to hear from you. You can submit these by email to victoria@frrpd.com
or attend one of our upcoming Public Session Workshops regarding Riverbend Park. Updates will be posted on our website of these meetings as well as through email correspondence.
As a reminder multiple events and programming have been relocated to other District sites due to the closing of
Riverbend Park:
Wildflower & Nature Festival
April 1st at Nelson Complex
Concert in the Park summer series
Thursdays beginning June 15th at MLK Park
FRRPD Adult & Youth Soccer spring season
MLK Park
Form more information on these events or others visit http://frrpd.com/events-2/
As an alternative to walking trails, picnicking, birthday parties, reunions, rentals etc. we would like to remind you the District owns and maintains multiple other facilities. Some of these include Nelson Complex, MLK Park, and Palermo Park all ideal settings for the aforementioned activities.
If you wish to add your name to the District volunteer list please contact the District office at (530)533-2011 and ask for the Executive Assistant or you can email at victoria@frrpd.com. 
As always thank you for your support!


General Manager Apryl Ramage


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